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Top 10 Swimming Pool Accessories

Do you love swimming and playing in the pool? If you do, you need to have the best swimming pool accessories to make your time in the water more fun.

Here are ten of these accessories that every pool owner needs to have.

1. Floats

While swimming can be fun, there’s also nothing like relaxing on an inflatable float in the middle of the pool. Whether you’re tanning, hanging out with friends, or just taking a break from swimming, you need one of these floats.

While there are some basic options, you can also go for something amazing such as a giant swan or unicorn.

2. A Repair Kit

While it hopefully never happens to you, your above-ground pool can be damaged by the weather, animals, or overly-enthusiastic play.

When this happens, you want to have basic swimming pool repair tools on hand. Having a liner patch and epoxy sealant ready just in case the liner gets torn can save you a lot of work.

3. Pool Noodles

These fun foam toys are a must-have if you have children. They can whack each other in the pool without really hurting themselves, plus you can use pool noodles in a number of different exercises.

4. A Floating Cooler

If you’re relaxing on your float, you don’t want to have to try to push yourself over to the side of the pool to get a drink. A floating cooler will keep all of your snacks and beverages conveniently nearby.

5. A Solar Pool Cover

You don’t want to spend a lot of money on heating your pool, but you also don’t want to jump into a tub of freezing water, either. A solar pool cover will keep debris and dirt out of the pool while also redirecting the solar rays downward into the water.

This helps keep the pool warm and reduces the amount of water that evaporates from it so you don’t have to refill it as often.

6. Lighting

Want to keep enjoying your pool after the sun goes down? You need good lights. There are some water-proof lights that can be installed in your pool, but there are also great options for above the water.

Just don’t string lights over the pool. It could be very dangerous if they were to fall into the water.

7. A Good, Durable Skimmer

Your pool is going to get leaves and other debris in it. This is, unfortunately, a fact of life that pool owners have to accept. That’s why you need to invest in a good pool skimmer so you can scoop this garbage out of the pool easily without getting into the water.

8. A Drain Pump

You may need to drain your pool from time to time. To more easily accomplish that, invest in an electric drain pump. This will help empty the pool much more quickly and easily than other options.

9. Pool Toys

There are many different pool toys out there, ranging from pool basketball kits to water guns. Invest in a few of these toys to keep the kids (and even adults) entertained.

10. A Good Ladder

Jumping into the pool can be fun, but it can also be dangerous. Having a durable pool ladder will give you a reliable, easy way to get into and out of the water without worrying about falling or hurting yourself.

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