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Hayward® Pool Products

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Recognized as an industry leader in cutting-edge and energy-efficient pool equipment, we are pleased to offer a vast line-up of Hayward® Pool Products. Designed to keep any above-ground or in-ground pool in tip-top condition, Hayward® Pool Products offer the optimal solution for the modern pool owner.

Our wide range of Hayward® Pool Products includes a complete line of technologically-advanced:

• Hayward® Pool pumps
• Hayward® Pool filters
• Hayward® Pool heaters
• Hayward® Pool motors
• Hayward® Pool heat pumps
• Automatic pool cleaners
• Exterior lighting
• Automation controls
• Salt water chlorine generators

Powerful Pool Supplies

Our contemporary and powerful pool supplies meet the heavy demands of clean water flow. You might be wondering how these various products can help you. Hayward® pool heaters for example, can be very useful for when the sun goes down or the temperature is cooler at the beginning or end of the summer season. With the assistance of a high-quality pool heater, you can always ensure that the water inside your above-ground or in-ground pool is comfortable for everyone. Hayward® pool lights tend to go together with the heaters, as they will keep your pool illuminated while you swim after the sun goes down. This adds to the aesthetic, functionality and safety of your swimming pool installation.
Hayward Logo

For more than 80 years, Hayward® Pool Products have provided pool owners with the pleasure of sparkling clean water and an experience that stands second to none. Whether you are trying to create the perfect backyard environment or reduce operating and maintenance costs, your only concern, thanks to the ease of wireless controls, is turning your equipment on and off.

If you require repair services for your existing pool equipment or need to install new pool equipment, talk to any member of our service team at Gary Pools and Leisure. One of our experts would be more than happy to visit your home and bring your pool up to par.