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Service Solutions for Pools and Spas

With help from the service team at Gary Pools & Leisure, you can enjoy your pool and spa for many years to come. Look forward to water that is clean, safe and refreshing, when you need it most.

Hot Tub Service Solutions

If you’d prefer to spend your time enjoying your tub rather than maintaining it, we have you covered. Our team of skilled professionals specializes in spa maintenance and has successfully served our customers for more than 50 years.

Our technicians are fully trained to repair or replace any part of your spa that isn’t functioning as it should. From pumps, motors and heaters, to filters, cleaning systems and more, we have you covered. Our goal is to quickly get your hot tub back in working order so you can enjoy it once again.

Services We Offer

Troubleshooting Your Hot Tub

Our team is prepared to give your spa a full inspection and troubleshoot the issue until we discover the root of the problem. We will always keep you in the loop through open and honest communication. We also have an entire digital library of resources to learn more about your hot tub and answer some frequently asked questions as well. Whether you’re looking to change your hot tub water or have a question about testing, our experts are always here to help.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water is often a result of an imbalance of chemicals or a clogged filter. Our team will test and treat the water, then clean the filter.

Error Codes

Is your hot tub showing an error code? Our team can review the code, inspect the spa and rectify the issue for you – no problem.

Cold Water

Is your hot tub anything but hot? This could be related to an issue with the heating or circulation system.

Pool Service Solutions

With help from our professional service team, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable swim when you need it most. For more information about our services or to book your next appointment, contact Gary Pools & Leisure today.

Services We Offer

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Whether you’re looking for routine hot tub maintenance or your pool needs a repair, our experts are here to help.