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8 Hot Tub Patio Ideas – Create a Stunning Backyard Today

How often do you step outside to enjoy your patio?

Have you been dreaming of transforming it into a lush retreat to escape when you need time to recharge?

Your backyard can be so much more than simply a part of your property. It can become a reflection of you, catering to your needs and creating a place in the world that’s truly your own.

Whether you have a home spa or are considering making the investment, there are plenty of ways to integrate it while breathing new life into your outdoor space.

Need inspiration? Keep reading! We’re sharing our favorite hot tub patio ideas, helping you find the perfect elements to bring your vision to reality, even on a budget!

Hot Tub Patio Ideas to Elevate Your Backyard Retreat

Everyone has their own vision of their backyard, with some wanting to create a lively escape that resembles a lush jungle, while others envision a space filled with their loved ones.

Whatever your style, you’re sure to find some inspiration within this article. To make it easy to find the elements that suit your needs, we’ve broken these eight options into three categories:

  1. Options to enhance the stress relief your spa brings
  2. Privacy solutions for those seeking solitude
  3. Entertainment must-haves

Let’s jump in!

Hot Tub With City Skyline In The Background - Hot Tub Patio Ideas

Patio Solutions to Enhance Stress Relief

Hot tubs are well known for the many health and wellness benefits they provide, from washing away stress to easing aches and pains.

If your main goal is to create a stunning paradise to banish stress and supercharge those hydrotherapy benefits, you’ll want to consider including various natural elements that provide their own therapeutic benefits.

Plants, Plants, and More Plants

First up, plants.

While plants are sure to add a pop of color to your space with their blooming flowers and vibrant green leaves, they offer far more than simple decoration.

In fact, plants have been shown to have significant impacts on stress and anxiety levels, reducing cortisol levels in as little as 20 minutes!

And the best part is, it doesn’t matter which plants you choose! Simply being in nature and around plants and trees can do the trick.

Whether you work from home and need help regaining focus between meetings, or simply want to create a stress-free haven at home, plants are a surefire way to support that goal!

Breathe in Subtle Aromatics and Herbs

Aromatherapy has been a hot topic for many years, with essential oils sweeping the nation and becoming a part of daily life for many.

If you want to enhance the benefits of plants even further, planting aromatic variants is sure to help.

Sure, you can invest in aromatherapy products that are specially designed for hot tubs, but why not embrace the impact of plants and aromatics together?

Whether it’s flowering plants along the edge of your spa’s cabinet, hanging from above, or herbs in planters alongside your patio, there are plenty of ways to add these elements to your backyard.

Here are some of our favorite plants and herbs to amp up your spa sessions with natural aromatherapy:

  • Jasmine to soothe an anxious mind
  • Lavender to promote better sleep
  • Lilac to ease stress
  • Rosemary for improved focus
  • Sage for a boost in your mood
  • Mint to combat fatigue

Best of all, you’ll not only be supporting your mental well-being, but creating a functional garden to add pops of flavor to meals!

Add a Hint of Colors

Did you know that color can influence your mood?

It’s true! The colors you surround yourself with can set the tone for how you feel as you lounge in the space, making color choices about far more than aesthetics.

Color can appear in your space in a number of ways, with some being more subtle, while others take center stage day and night.

If your spa doesn’t include various LED lighting options, try stringing some color-changing LEDs above your spa or strung around the edges of your cabinet to set your spa glowing.

These colored lights ensure you can take advantage of the emotional benefits of chromotherapy, more commonly known as “light therapy.”

While blue, green, or purple can help reduce stress and anxiety, orange and yellow can promote a boost of energy and alertness.

Alternative ways to add pops of color to your backyard retreat include:

  • Cozy blankets
  • Throw pillows
  • Umbrellas
  • Colorful planters
  • Decorative tiles

Whatever you choose, the right selection of colors can tie your space together and give it the boost of life you may be craving.

Hot Tub On A Deck With A Pergola - Hot Tub Patio Ideas

Ideas to Add a Boost of Privacy

Privacy is often top of mind, especially once you’ve invested in a spa and want to enjoy evening sessions in the bubbling water.

For anyone living in the city, that may have close neighbors, multistory homes next door, or a busy stress behind their fence, privacy becomes even more important.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to boost the privacy in your backyard, while adding a touch of style and elegance to the space in the process.

Escape Beneath a Gazebo or Pergola

One of the most popular options is investing in a pergola or gazebo.

Gazebos offer protection from above with their solid roof and can be paired with privacy screens, partitions, or paneled walls.

Pergolas, on the other hand, maintain a more open design, often with a latticed or framed top, giving you more control over how you add privacy to your space while still embracing ample airflow.

Whether it’s with draped flowing panels of cloth, tied-back curtains, or custom wood walls, customizing it to your taste won’t be hard.

Banish Prying Eyes With Privacy Walls

If you’re not in need of privacy from above and simply need to keep nosey neighbors from interrupting your soothing soaks, privacy walls are a great solution.

These walls can take many forms and can be an ultra-affordable option for those sticking to a strict budget.

One of the most budget-friendly privacy walls is adding a trellis alongside your spa.

Without any additional elements, the criss-cross design will allow for a moderate amount of privacy while maintaining a clean, natural appeal.

However, if it’s in the budget to take this up a notch, add some climbing ivy or jasmine to enhance the privacy while adding a pop of color.

Some other ways you could include a privacy wall around one or two corners of your spa include:

  • Custom stone walls
  • Living garden walls
  • DIY wood panel walls
  • Bamboo planted in raised planters

Enjoy Lush Greenery with Dense Hedges

If you love the idea of a backyard jungle but also want to enhance the privacy of your space, hedges, and trees may be the perfect way to go.

There are ample greenery options that can serve dual purposes, such as jasmine with its dense bushes, subtle scent, and bright white blooms against a wall of green leaves.

If you’re opting for this backyard addition and want to enjoy privacy year-round, you’ll want to ensure you pick ones that maintain their greenery even as winter descends.

Some of the best backyard options include:

  • American Holly Bushes
  • Box Hedges
  • Arborvitae
  • Privet
  • Cypress
  • Juniper

Remember to do your research before selecting your greenery to ensure you know what to expect when it comes to its care.

Some plants, like privet, will need to be pruned regularly to keep growth from getting out of hand.

Try to pick hedges and trees that will thrive in your climate and that you’re able to maintain properly.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub On A Deck With Patio Furniture Nearby - Hot Tub Patio Ideas

Hot Tub Patio Ideas to Bring Loved Ones Together

Finally, if you’re a social butterfly and enjoy entertaining your friends and family, adding functional elements to your backyard can help you achieve that goal.

Creating a space where you can reconnect with loved ones can do wonders for your emotional well-being.

Whether you’re a foodie who loves preparing delicious meals for guests or envision spending evenings under the stars connecting with your kids, here are three hot tub patio ideas we think you’ll love.

Create a Cozy Escape with Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a great way to create a welcoming, comfortable area for guests to sit back and relax.

Add a dining set for family meals outside, or create a corner of comfort with wicker chairs and couches dawning plush cushions and throw pillows.

Alternatively, if you want something more modern, consider adding some hanging egg chairs to draw the attention of guests with something cozy yet fun.

Turn Up The Heat With a Fire Table

To add a hint of sophistication to your space that is capable of keeping the kids entertained, add a fire table to your patio.

Roasting marshmallows will no longer be restricted to summer camping trips! Instead, you can simply turn on the fire and enjoy the laughter as your kids see who can build the best s’more.

These patio features aren’t only for the kids, however.

They’re also the perfect way to transform your outdoor space into a romantic escape to reconnect with your loved one after a long week.

Take date night into your backyard as you settle into the hot tub for a side-by-side hydromassage as the flickering flame sets your backyard aglow.

Choosing The Perfect Hot Tub Patio Elements

Whether you found inspiration above or have only just scratched the surface of deciding how to design your patio, every element you choose will require careful consideration.

Not only do you need to ensure the items you include seamlessly fit together to complement your space and work well with your local climate.

This is especially true for living elements, like trees and plants, if your goal is adding privacy.

While having some that are seasonal isn’t a bad choice, you’ll want to ensure the main ones you choose can thrive in your climate, keeping their leaves each season to maintain your privacy.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that any larger elements, like pergolas or gazebos, can comfortably fit in your backyard without leaving it feeling cramped or cluttered.

If you’re including elements like this, ensure you measure your space beforehand and decide how much you’re willing to yield.

You’ll also want to consider the maintenance needs of everything you include. Certain plants will need regular tending or repotting to maintain their lush appearance without becoming overbearing.

When it comes to the structures in your yard, you’ll need to clean them at least once a year. This is especially important if they’re made of wood, ensuring they don’t develop mildew or begin to rot.

Ensure you only select items you have the ability to care for properly to ensure they last for many years to come.

Bring These Hot Tub Patio Ideas to Life at Gary Pools & Leisure

Your backyard is a big part of your home, and with the right elements, can become a soothing escape from the business of your daily life.

How you design your backyard can have a significant impact, not only on how it looks but also on how your space supports your health and overall well-being.

A well-designed hot tub patio can truly transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment.

From vibrant plants and herbs filling the air with soothing aromatherapy, to eye-catching gazebos and patio furniture beckoning guests to relax, your space can become everything you’ve dreamed of.

Gary Pools & Leisure is here to help turn that dream into reality!

While we may not have the luscious greenery you’d find at a greenhouse, our bright showroom is filled with premium hot tubs, patio furniture, and grills, all aiming to do one thing; enhance every moment of your time at home!

With showrooms throughout Buffalo, including Amherst, Cheektowaga, and Clarence, we’re right around the corner.

Visit your nearest location, and let our team of friendly experts help you breathe new life into your outdoor space!

Need more inspiration? Check out our installation gallery and get a sneak peek at some of the unique designs from neighboring yards!