Top 6 Ways Hot Tubs Can Relieve Your Back Pain

Did you know that nearly 16 million adults experience lower back pain? Surveys completed by the National Center for Health Statistics show that 41% of those people are between 18 and 44 years old.

Back pain is an issue that’s sweeping the nation, and treating it isn’t always easy. Treatments can be expensive and time-consuming, requiring you to schedule appointments and drive across town hoping to get some relief.

There is a way, however, for you to help relieve your back pain long-term, right from your very own backyard – with a hot tub!

Hot Tub For Back Pain – Top 6 Ways a Hot Tub Can Relieve Your Back Pain

Back Pain Relief

Back pain can be debilitating, and nothing is worse than giving up activities you enjoy because your back is sore. We put our bodies under so much strain every day just by living our lives, so it’s important to take care of them!

That’s where a hot tub comes in!

Many people wonder are hot tubs good for back pain.

Hot tubs are an effective and proven way to treat back pain. Through the use of hydrotherapy and hydromassage, hot tubs can reduce pain, promote relaxation, and remove pressure from the body, allowing for long-term pain relief.

Hydrotherapy is a natural treatment option that uses water heated to an optimum temperature to help the body heal. When combined with hydromassage, hot water is paired with jets that produce a low-pressure massage targeting your sore muscles, providing a wide range of benefits.

Here are the top 6 ways a hot tub can help ease back pain.

1. Stress Relief

Heat therapy has been shown to positively affect people’s stress levels. Sitting in a hot tub that’s heated to the perfect temperature can help you relax and release the emotional and physical pressure you’ve been feeling.

Your body will hold onto stress in different areas, with most people experiencing tight muscles in their shoulders and lower back.

Resting in hot water can help you release those muscles, allowing them to relax and begin to loosen, removing the tightness you’ve been feeling.

2. Improving Circulation

The use of heat helps to promote blood flow throughout the body by dilating the blood vessels. This helps improve circulation and promotes healing throughout your entire body.

By using precision jets, you can target your problem areas by increasing blood flow directly to them while also finding relief through the gentle pressure provided by the jet stream.

Having better blood flow is also helpful for stretching out your tight muscles. Gentle stretching while you’re in a hot tub, will help release the muscles more efficiently and promote healing for long-term pain relief.

Hot Tubs For Back Pain

3. Full Body Massage

Relaxing in a hot tub provides the opportunity to have a massage any time you want. When you use a hot tub designed to fit the body’s natural contour and apply optimal pressure through jets, you can massage your sore back with ease.

Everybody is different, which is why it’s important to have the ability to tailor your hot tub experience to your needs. With a high-quality hot tub that lets you control the jets’ flow and direction, you can tailor your massage to meet your individual needs, targeting your sore muscles with less work.

4. Float Therapy

Throughout the day, your body is under extreme pressure. While you walk, stand, and sit, your joints support your entire body. Over time, this often results in back pain.

Float therapy has been proven to have a positive impact on people’s chronic back pain, as well as their sleep quality and mental health. It also found that people who float more often experienced more pain relief than others.

Floating on water helps reduce the pressure on your joints, making movement easier and minimizing pain, which can be seen through the popularity of aquatic exercise programs.

When you combine heat and floating on water in a hot tub, you not only experience the relief of pressure on your joints and back, but also a deep muscle release from the heat.

5. Better Sleep Quality

When you experience the benefits listed above, you will be physically and psychologically more relaxed. This naturally helps to improve your quality of sleep.

How well you sleep throughout the night can significantly impact your pain. Relaxing your body with hot water before bed helps you fall asleep faster and promotes deeper sleep. This helps your body rest for longer periods, allowing it to direct its energy towards healing your back.

6. Calms Muscle Spasms

Most people with back pain also experience some form of muscle spasm, increasing their pain even more. These spasms are caused by the muscles being too tight and lacking circulation.

Spending time soaking in a hot tub will help release the tension in your back while also increasing circulation, as mentioned above. This is vital in managing the pain caused by muscle spasms.

Regularly spending time in a hot tub can help your body maintain a more relaxed state, making spasms less likely to occur over time and reducing overall back pain.

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