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Hot Tubs FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering a spa purchase, you’re sure to have a lot of questions about the ins and outs of hot tub ownership. To help our customers get up to speed, we’ve listed the most common questions we receive about hot tubs.

Q: Which Hot Tub Is Best For Me?

A: Choosing a hot tub that is right for your home and family comes down to three main things: your budget, the space that’s available for installation, and any special needs or wants you have. Once you set a budget and have chosen and measured your installation area, you’ll be able to eliminate hot tubs based on price and size.

Our experts at Gary Pools & Leisure can help you find spas that suit your budget and space and then help you narrow it down by factoring in specific needs and wishes. If, for instance, you have your heart set on a lounge seat, we can help you find a spa that ticks all of your boxes.

Q: How Much Do Hot Tubs Weigh?

A: A hot tub filled with water weighs more than you might think. Even a small model can weigh in at 600 pounds dry and 3,000 pounds filled. A six-seat spa can weigh more than 1,000 pounds dry and exceed 6,000 pounds filled. That’s what makes choosing the right place to install your spa so important.

A solid foundation such as a concrete slab or patio works well if it’s completely level and devoid of cracks. If you have an existing deck, as long as it’s up to code, it should be fine. If you aren’t certain, it’s a good idea to consult with your contractor to make sure it can withstand the weight of a filled spa.

Q: How Long Should I Stay Inside a Hot Tub?

A: Most hot tub users enjoy a 20 to 30 minutes dip, but your ideal time really depends on the water temperature. Set at 98-100°F, healthy adults could safely stay in the hot tub for up to an hour.

If you crank it up to the maximum or 102-104°F, however, you’ll need to limit your soak time to 15-20 minutes to avoid dehydration. If you ever feel dizzy, light-headed or nauseous, those are signs of heat stroke and you should exit the spa immediately.

Q: How Often Should I Run My Hot Tub?

A: The amount of water circulation needed really depends on the type of hot tub you purchased. Your best bet is to follow manufacturer instructions on how often to run your pump or leave it on for at least eight hours each day.

Any less than that and your water could stagnate. Remember, stagnant water breeds bacteria, even with the proper use of hot tub chemicals. And no one wants to soak in contaminated water.

Q: How Often Should I Change My Hot Tub Water?

A: The average user will need to drain and refill their spa every three to four months. If you use your hot tub three to fives times a week and it’s only you and a few other users, that should be a good timeline for you. If you’re a heavy user — you use it daily or host a lot of people —you may need to drain your tub every other month.

You can determine what’s right for your spa by testing your water on a weekly basis and keeping its pH levels balanced with spa chemicals. If the chemicals are doing their job, then draining your tub quarterly is adequate. If your water is impossible to balance, it starts to smell or repeatedly has foamy water, more frequent drainage will be necessary.

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