Hot Tub Service & Repair – Do You Really Need One?

Hot tub’s are a luxurious addition to homes across the country, providing the exceptional benefits of hydrotherapy to many homeowners right in their own backyards.

Like any investment, there are steps you need to take to ensure your spa is always running efficiently, and including hot tub service in your regular care routine is an essential part of that.

Hot tubs are complex systems, and while they’re designed to the highest quality and include modern technology to make maintaining them easier than ever, they still require regular service and occasional repairs to keep them in optimal condition long-term.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the importance of hot tub service and repair, as well as providing some tell-tale signs that your hot tub requires service.

What is a Professional Hot Tub Service?

Professional Hot Tub Service Repair

While you’ll need to perform certain actions yourself to maintain your spa, including a professional hot tub service in your regular care routine can help ensure your hot tub is always kept in good condition.

During a regular hot tub service appointment, a trained and experienced technician will thoroughly go over your spa, inspecting it for any potential signs of damage that may have occurred since its last inspection.

If they find any signs of damage, your service technician can work to diagnose the issue and even potentially repair it on the spot if they have the materials to do so.

If not, they can quickly schedule a repair appointment for you, so your hot tub is repaired quickly, avoiding any further damage from occurring.

Scheduling a professional hot tub service is for more than just inspecting and repairing your system. These services can also include:

  • Water changes
  • Winterization
  • Testing and treating your water
  • Relocating your spa
  • Cleaning your hot tub

As you can see, these services can help reduce the time you need to spend maintaining your spa if you have a busy schedule or simply take over the larger, more intensive steps in your hot tub care, such as performing your quarterly water change for you.

5 Benefits of Professional Hot Tub Service

Benefits Professional Hot Tub Service

Enlisting the help of professional hot tub technicians can provide you with a range of benefits that may leave you scheduling future appointments even more often.

If you’re considering including hot tub service appointments in your regular maintenance routine, here are some benefits you can experience.

1. Saves You Time

Professional service isn’t only great for people who have a busy schedule and struggle to find time to effectively maintain their hot tub.

Anyone can benefit from the extra time they gain by including a professional in their regular routine.

Not only will this cut down the amount of time needed to maintain your spa day to day, but it can also free up your weekends when it comes time for your quarterly water change. Simply schedule a service, and you’ll get to spend quality time with your loved ones as your hot tub is drained, cleaned, and refilled for you.

2. Catches Issues Early (and saves money!)

Preventative hot tub maintenance is a big factor in your spa’s long-term health.

Whether you schedule an appointment to balance your chemicals or need your system inspected to diagnose an issue, a professional hot tub technician will be able to find signs of distress more easily.

When small issues begin occurring in your spa, you may not notice them.

A professional, on the other hand, can use their extensive knowledge to quickly pick up on small signs of potentially large issues down the line.

This gives you a chance to have your system inspected and the budding issue managed long before it becomes a larger, more damaging problem.

This can save you a substantial amount of time and money down the line and keep your hot tub running in prime condition for years to come without the risk of unforeseen damage occurring.

3. Helps You Learn About Your Spa

If you’re a new hot tub owner, learning how to care for your spa may seem challenging.

The good news is that by including a professional hot tub service in your regular routine, you’ll be able to easily watch and learn how to care for your hot tub like a pro while feeling confident your spa is in the best hands possible.

4. You’ll Have Reliable, Clean Water

While this can be achieved by sticking to a rigorous hot tub maintenance schedule, including a professional hot tub service can make this even easier to obtain.

Not only does working alongside a professional help you get a better understanding of the unique makeup of your local water, but it’ll also help you learn the best way to treat your water based on that.

Some people have harder water than others, requiring a more rigorous treatment after water changes. During a hot tub service, you’ll be able to quickly learn and discuss with your technician how to best treat your hot tub water.

5. Maximizes Your Hot Tubs Lifespan

Your hot tub is an investment, and the last thing you want is for poor care to result in a less-than-ideal lifespan.

You should be getting years of quality use out of your hot tub, with most having a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. The only way to make it to these milestones is by taking proper care of it.

Including a monthly hot tub service in your regular maintenance routine can help you enjoy your hot tub for many years to come.

Signs You Should Schedule a Hot Tub Service

Hot Tub Service Repair Maintenance Signs

Just like anything, hot tubs can experience issues, and there’s bound to be a time when you lift your cover to discover your water isn’t looking quite right.

When your water is off, it’s a surefire sign that something deeper is happening, whether it be a chemical imbalance or something in your system that isn’t working quite right.

You may find codes showing up on your control panel that can hint at what’s going on, however, other times, you may need to do some investigative work to diagnose and manage the issue.

If you find any of these issues during your day-to-day care, be sure to schedule a hot tub repair service appointment right away.

You Discover a Leak

Leaks can quickly become a problem, causing widespread damage if not caught or managed early.

This is one of the many reasons it’s essential to inspect your system at least once a month.

Leaks can wreak havoc on your spa, leading to additional damage forming from any buildup of water.

Generally, a surefire sign of a water leak is puddles of water under your pump or heater, water forming around the base of your spa, or wet insulation.

Your Water Level Keeps Dropping

If you’ve noticed you’ve had to top up your water more often than normal recently, it’s likely you have a leak somewhere in your spa.

This could be from a crack in your shell or a damaged seal around one of your jets that’s slowly leaking water.

If you’re worried that your water level is dropping faster than it should, call in a service tech right away to thoroughly inspect your system.

It’s Difficult to Keep Your Water Clear

Your water is great at signaling when there is an issue with your hot tub.

When properly treated, your water should be easy to keep crystal clear. While you may occasionally find it’s gone cloudy or has begun developing foam, this shouldn’t be happening very often.

If it is, or if you’re having a difficult time fixing it, it’s time to call in the professionals. This could mean there is a problem in your system that’s not allowing your water to circulate properly,  reducing the effectiveness of your chemicals, such as a clog in your filtration system.

Sudden Temperature Changes in Your Water

Hot tubs have advanced technology that monitors and maintains the temperature of your water. If you’ve noticed your water is no longer staying warm, is overly hot, or is constantly fluctuating, it may be a sign of a deeper issue.

While you should be checking the temperature of your water daily, your control panel will notify you if your water falls below temperature or skyrockets upward by displaying COOL or COLD if it’s below temperature or OH if it’s above.

Affordable Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Service in Buffalo, New York

If you’ve discovered any of these signs beginning in your hot tub, it’s time to contact the professionals at Gary’s Pool & Leisure.

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We believe hot tub care should be simple, and we want you to experience nothing but pure relaxation from your hot tub. That’s why we’ve curated a range of resources to help you get to know your hot tub better and care for it like a pro.

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