Transform Your Above-Ground Pool Installation This Spring

Having an above-ground swimming pool often makes your backyard the ultimate hangout spot during the warmer months, especially if you have kids. But these pools also tend to all look the same, and sometimes, they can become eyesores. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways you can transform your above-ground pool installation to make it look absolutely amazing. Once you’re finished, your pool will have its own unique look that is sure to impress people.

Surround The Pool With A Deck

One of the easiest ways of making above-ground swimming pools look great is to build a deck up around them. This not only changes the visual of your pool, but also adds a great amount of functionality. You no longer have to climb the pool ladder to get in—instead, you can add stairs to the deck, making it much easier to get in and out of the pool. You can also make the deck large enough to accommodate some chairs, add a shade to part of it to keep the sun off of you, and even make an area to dive off of if you like. If you have an existing patio or deck, you can extend it to create this area around your pool. It also helps protect your pool from the weather and gives it some additional stability.

Consider Pools That Can Be Installed Semi In-ground

When most people think of above-ground pools, they think of the ones that are fully set up above the ground. However, there are options such as Vogue above-ground swimming pools. These pools can actually be installed semi in-ground. That means they can be placed on a hill or on a slope, making them more like an in-ground pool. You can even install some of them completely in-ground if you have the equipment to dig a large hole. Transforming your fully above-ground pool into a semi or fully in-ground pool can open up a lot of different options for you.

Change Up The Surroundings

Even if you can’t afford to change how your pool looks, you can change how it’s integrated into your backyard by changing its surroundings. For example, you can add new outdoor patio furniture to create a space for people to hang out even if they’re not in the pool. You could create a bar area on one side of the pool so you can have a place for your drinks and snacks while swimming. You could also add latticework and other décor to the sides of the pool, so it looks less like a temporary fixture and more like a permanent part of your yard.

Gary Pools & Leisure

No matter how you decide to change up your above-ground pool this spring, you do want to take the time to come up with a plan and determine how all of the different pieces of your yard will work together. Whether this means adding more furniture, building a deck, or even changing where your pool is, the bottom line is that you’re creating a great space for your friends and family. For more information, contact our team at Gary Pools & Leisure today. We have a wide selection of above-ground pools for sale, along with all the backyard essentials you could ask for.