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3 Things To Do When You Get Snowed In This Winter

Winter storms don’t have to be a downer. You can enjoy hours of entertainment at home — but only if you are prepared. Indoor game tables are the perfect way to combat the winter blues and offer hours of entertainment with family and friends. To help you decide which game is right for you, here is our list of the three best ways to have fun indoors this winter. Read on for more!

1. Air Hockey

Air hockey is a game that can be played just for laughs or competitively. The rules are simple: one player at each end of the table tries to score goals by shooting the puck into his opponent’s “net.”

It does not require a lot of skill or physicality, making it a great way for all age groups to pass the time. In many ways, it is a game of luck because, when hit hard enough, it is difficult for the eye to track the puck, resulting in some wild swings and blocks — and a lot of laughter.

Like anything else, improvement comes with practice and, when played frequently, air hockey can improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

2. Foosball

Foosball is an engaging soccer table game for the whole family. Just like traditional soccer, the objective of the game is for you or your team to score on the other team’s goal. Players line either side of the table and can operate one or two control knobs, depending on the number of people competing.

The more people who play, the easier the game gets. Even young children can play as part of a team game. For a more challenging game, play in two-person teams or one-on-one. Like air hockey, foosball can improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination but has the added benefit of improving muscle tone in your arms and shoulders when played on a regular basis.

3. Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard tables are no longer out of the question for homeowners with limited spaces. Nine-foot shuffleboard tables make it easy to enjoy the game even in smaller areas. For those with plenty of room to spare, the traditional 22-foot tables offer a great gaming experience. Tables also come in 12- to 20-foot lengths.

The game is fun for adults and children alike and is easy to play. Simply score more points than your adversary by either bumping his or her pucks off the playing area or by sneaking your pucks into a higher score zone. Shuffleboard can be played in a variety of formats to keep the game fresh and interesting and is a fun way to improve coordination and dexterity.

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