The Features Of Broilmaster Premium Grills

If you’re in the market for a new barbecue, you can’t do better than a premium grill from Broilmaster. Every Broilmaster Premium Grill is designed to provide high-quality cooking and is built to stand the test of time.

The Broilmaster Brand

Broilmaster has been manufacturing Premium Gas Grills for more than 50 years. The original G-1000 may be smaller than the grills the company makes today, but it featured the company’s now-legendary bowtie burner.

Broilmaster Premium Grills have changed many times over the years as the company continually works to make its products better and more efficient.

Premium Grills

Today, Broilmaster’s premium grills are a model of efficiency, style and ability. Each of the grills feature heavy-duty cast aluminum construction to maintain cooking temperature while the renowned stainless steel bow tie burner spreads the heat evenly across the grilling area.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the grills in the Premium Series:

The Broilmaster Premium P3X And P3SX

The P3X and P3SX feature 695 square inches of total cooking area and come complete with three-level grids and smoker shutters. The shutters are similar to a set of stainless steel blinds. Positioned between the burner and your food, when you open the shutters, you can sear your meat over high heat.

The stainless steel griddle allows you to cook bacon and eggs or even cookies. The folding retract-a-rack serves as an added cooking level and retracts for additional cooking space and the tall lid allows you to smoke a turkey or large roast with ease.

The bow tie burner generates 40,000 BTU of corner-to-corner heat while the Flare Buster™ ceramic flavor enhancers reduce flare-ups due to food drippings. Both grills are available for LP or natural gas.

The Broilmaster Premium P4X

With 473 square inches of total cooking area and a two-level cooking grid, the P4X also boasts 40,000 BTU of corner-to-corner heat courtesy of the bow tie burner.

The stainless steel control panel separates right and left controls for indirect cooking, grilling and roasting. The P4X is available with CharMaster™ Briquets or Flare Buster Ceramic Flavor Enhancers, depending on your preference.

The Broilmaster Premium H3X And H4X

With Broilmaster’s traditional heavy-duty cast aluminum construction, the grill boasts 595 square inches of total cooking area with 40,000 BTU input.

At 473 square inches, the slightly smaller H4X’s H-style burner generates 36,000 BTU. Both grills come with separate left and right controls, a stainless steel control panel, chrome-plated steel warming rack and electronic ignition.

The grills are compatible with a cart, in-ground post, or patio post with base. Shelving or a side burner can also be added. If you want to keep things simple, you can opt for the grill package with one shelf and black mounting. While the grills were made to work with natural gas, conversion kits are also available.

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