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10 Essential Pool Supplies For Easy Pool Care

As the warm weather rolls in, many homeowners are eagerly anticipating the arrival of pool season.

There’s nothing quite like having a refreshing oasis in your backyard, offering respite from the scorching summer sun!

However, maintaining a pool requires time, effort, and the right pool supplies.

If you’re a pool owner looking to simplify your pool care routine, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll explore ten pool supplies you can’t go without and share a few of our favorite supplies to amp up your summer pool parties!

Whether you’re a seasoned pool owner or a newbie diving into the world of pool maintenance, these essentials will help you keep your pool clean, safe, and enjoyable throughout the season.

10 Best Pool Supplies For Basic Pool Maintenance

Your pool supplies play a significant role in your ability to be able to properly care for your pool.

Without the right ones, you risk your pool water becoming dirty, filled with bacteria, and unsafe to swim in!

Include these ten basic pool supplies to keep your water crystal clear and support your maintenance routine, ensuring it goes smoothly all season long.

Pool Supplies - Water Test Kit
10 essential pool supplies for easy pool care gary pools & leisure

1. Water Test Kit

The chemical balance of your water is vital to the safety of your pool.

Poorly balanced water can lead to itchy skin, rashes, or red eyes, making your once enjoyable swim unforgettable and unsafe.

Keeping your water clean and enjoyable all comes down to your water quality, and while your chemicals are an essential part of this, testing your water is where it all begins.

A water test kit lets you get a clear reading of what your current chemical levels are in your water.

While test strips provide information on various aspects, there are three you’ll want to pay close attention to:

  • pH
  • Alkalinity
  • Sanitizer

These levels will be what tells you if your pool is safe to swim in.

Ideally, you’ll want to keep your pH between 7.4 and 7.8 and your alkalinity between 100 and 130 ppm.

Your sanitizer levels will vary based on the one you use.

Chlorine is by far the most popular and will require a level of 1 to 3 ppm. Bromine is another common alternative and will require a level of 2 to 4 ppm.

Pool Supplies - Chemicals
10 essential pool supplies for easy pool care gary pools & leisure

2. Chemicals

Once you know what your water’s chemical levels are, you can treat it with the necessary chemicals to bring each one into its recommended range.

To maintain your water chemistry and keep your pool crystal clear all summer long, you’ll need various chemicals.

Some essential pool chemicals include:

  • pH Up
  • pH Down
  • Alkalinity Up
  • Sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, biguanide)
  • Shock

Depending on where you live and your local water quality, you may also need to include a few other chemicals to keep your water clean, such as a water hardness increaser.

Pool Supplies - Chlorine Dispenser
10 essential pool supplies for easy pool care gary pools & leisure

3. Chlorine Dispenser

If you’ve chosen to use chlorine as your sanitizer, a chlorine dispenser is a great addition to your pool supplies.

Chlorine comes in many forms, from granules to pucks. Chlorine pucks are one of the best ways to add chlorine to your water.

Between its slow release into the water and its even distribution, it’s easily one of the best ways to treat your water.

With a chlorine dispenser, you simply add the puck to the dispenser and let it float around your water.

If you prefer something more decorative, there are various designs to choose from to add some extra flare to your pool, such as dispensers topped with turtles or frogs!

Pool Supplies - Thermometer
10 essential pool supplies for easy pool care gary pools & leisure

4. Thermometer

The temperature of your pool water will affect how well your chemicals work to maintain your water quality.

With a thermometer, you can easily monitor the temperature of your water to know how to best treat it throughout the season.

Some thermometers are designed to float along the surface of your water, while others include a polyethylene string to tie it to your ladder.

Pool Supplies - Skimmer
10 essential pool supplies for easy pool care gary pools & leisure

5. Skimmer

No matter how well you treat your water, it’s bound to end up with leaves, dirt, and bugs in it over the summer, even if you keep it covered whenever you’re not in it.

A skimmer is a perfect way to quickly remove any debris that’s floating on the surface of the water before you dive in.

When paired with a telescopic handle, reaching every inch of your pool without balancing on its edge becomes even easier!

Pool Supplies - Brush
10 essential pool supplies for easy pool care gary pools & leisure

6. Brush

The underwater surfaces of your pool can become slippery as sediment builds up throughout the season.

To keep your walls clean, use a brush once a week right before vacuuming your pool.

This will help loosen any debris from the walls and floors of your pool and make it easier for your vacuum to remove it from your pool.

If you want to make your brush even more effective, consider purchasing a pool brush that also serves as a vacuum.

These combination brushes make it possible for you to quickly remove everything you scrub off your walls immediately without it releasing further into your water.

Pool Supplies - Vacuum
10 essential pool supplies for easy pool care gary pools & leisure

7. Vacuum

Vacuuming your pool is non-negotiable. As sediment accumulates on the underwater surfaces of your pool, it can grow into algae blooms and leave your water dirty.

Using a pool vacuum once a week will help lift this debris from your pool, keeping your water clean and free from potential bacteria.

Pool vacuums come in three main styles:

  • Suction-side
  • Pressure-side
  • Robotic

Each one comes with its own price point and its own pros and cons, so it’s important to give it some thought before buying yours.

Pool Supplies - Patch Kit
10 essential pool supplies for easy pool care gary pools & leisure

8. Patch Kit

No matter how well you care for your pool, there’s always the risk of a small hole forming in your liner, which can cause issues quickly!

Something you should always have on hand is a pool patch kit.

These kits generally include a set of highly adhesive patches that are waterproof, so they can easily cover up any holes in your vinyl liner and keep water from getting beneath it.

These kits are fairly inexpensive but are invaluable to have available should you ever need them.

Pool Supplies - Skimmer Basket Liner
10 essential pool supplies for easy pool care gary pools & leisure

9. Skimmer Basket Liners

While you’ll need the above-mentioned skimmer to clean the surface of your water, your pool also has its own skimmer built in that removes debris before it’s able to travel into your circulation system.

To add an extra layer of filtration and make cleaning it out extremely simple, reusable skimmer basket liners are the way to go.

These liners have a small mesh design, keeping smaller debris out that your basket may miss, and make cleaning it out as simple as switching out a dirty liner for a clean one!

Pool Supplies - Pool Cover
10 essential pool supplies for easy pool care gary pools & leisure

10. Pool Cover

A pool cover does more than simply protect your pool from falling leaves.

It also keeps your chemicals from breaking down faster than expected.

Your sanitizer can be broken down by the UV rays from the sun. Without a cover, you’d need to add extra sanitizer to your pool just to maintain its levels.

Not only does this cost you more money, but it can also make maintaining your water chemistry more challenging!

Furthermore, with the right cover, you’ll add a layer of safety to your pool, giving you peace of mind and making your backyard safe all year long.

Pool Supplies to Amp Up Your Enjoyment

Pool supplies extend far past the basic items needed to expertly care for your pool.

There are also plenty of options that focus solely on increasing your overall enjoyment of your pool!

Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re throwing a memorable pool party or simply want to enjoy your favorite playlist as you float around the water, a Bluetooth speaker is a necessity.


Adding some vibrant floaties to your pool is a great way to add a burst of color while also enhancing your time under the sun.

Whether it’s a floating lounger or an eye-catching unicorn, there are various styles to easily bring a burst of fun to your next swim!

Pool Games

Adding some water-friendly games to your pool is an effortless way to keep people entertained each time you throw a pool party.

These are especially good if you have kids and want to keep them active and enjoying the pool all season.

Two amazing options we highly recommend are the Jellyfish Dive and Tic Tac Toe, giving everyone a way to get involved as they enjoy a refreshing dip under the water.

Pool Supplies in Charlotte, NC – Online and In-Person Pool Supply Store

Maintaining your pool doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

By equipping yourself with the right pool supplies, you can make pool care a breeze and ensure a summer filled with enjoyment and relaxation.

From routine maintenance tools like skimmers, brushes, and pool chemicals, to engaging water games, we’ve got them all.

To find all your summer pool care essentials, look no further than Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Charlotte!

With our wide selection of high-quality pool supplies and accessories, you can conveniently find everything you need to keep your pool in optimal condition.

Visit us in-store in Charlotte or explore our online marketplace for a hassle-free shopping experience.