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Outdoor Patio Furniture – Complete Buyer’s Guide

The right outdoor patio furniture will bring style and comfort to your backyard. Whether you’re after alfresco dining or a place to chill out and read a good book, there’s something for everyone.

Patio furniture is functional, beautiful, and perfect for entertaining guests or hosting family gatherings in your home.

We know that buying patio furniture can seem like a daunting task. But here at Gary Pools & Leisure, our experts can help you find your dream patio furniture. We aim to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible for all of our clients.

That’s why we’re proud to present our fantastic range of brands including our low-maintenance Woodard Patio Furniture range, super fun and stylish ECI Furniture, and classic American Heritage game room pieces.

So, to get your patio furniture shopping off to the right start, we’ve put together this go-to guide. Here you can find everything you need to know about buying patio furniture from finding your aesthetic to choosing the best and most durable materials.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the wonderful world of patio furniture.

Types Of Patio Furniture

Patio furniture comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes from classic patio table sets to bespoke games tables and handy storage units.

Patio Tables

The classic piece. A patio table is perfect for wining and dining with family and friends. So why not check out our wonderful range of patio furniture at Gary Pools & Leisure. We’ve got beautiful pieces by Woodard, Bahama Winds, Summerset, and Plank & Hide.

These brands are all celebrated for their master craftsmanship, quality, and excellence. Plus all Woodard aluminum and wrought iron pieces come with a fantastic 15-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Conversations Sets

A conversation set is different from your typical patio dining set. Conversation sets are perfect for informal outdoor socializing and relaxing. Conversation sets comprise an outdoor coffee table and comfortable seating – a bit like a living room set up but for your garden.

These sets can come in many different arrangements. Whether you just want a couple of chairs and a table or fancy a fully-fledged sofa or cozy loveseat, a conversation set is guaranteed to make your garden more enticing.

Fire Tables

Fire tables are a seriously cool backyard accessory. A fire table is an outdoor piece of furniture designed to keep everybody warm when socializing outside.

Plus, they create the most luxurious and cozy atmosphere. Gas fire pits are safe and low maintenance with no sparks or embers in sight.

End Tables

An end table is a small table placed at the arm of a sofa or a larger piece of furniture. Outdoor end tables are extremely versatile. The perfect spot to put down your drink, snacks, or a good book.

Game Tables

Why not add some fun and games to your home with a garden games table? Perfect for Poker night, Billiards, and board games. Our ECI Furniture range is the perfect addition to any fun-loving home. Pieces include expertly crafted bars, stool chairs, and games tables.

All seriously stylish and durable. And if you’re a billiards champ then you’ll love our American Heritage billiards products – all finely crafted using long-lasting, durable materials. A classy and timeless piece for any home.

Lounge Chairs

Who doesn’t love a lounge chair? A cozy lounge chair is a must-have addition to any patio living space. Whether you want something sleek and simple or seriously comfy, there are lounge chairs to suit every style and budget. So get ready to soak up some sun in comfort and style.

Storage Units

They might not be the most glamorous of furniture items, but we recommend choosing one or two storage units for your garden.

This is a great way to hide away and bits and bobs that you want out of sight. And if you don’t want any storage bins ruining your aesthetic there are tons of furniture items that actually double up as storage.

Which Patio Furniture Set Is Best For You?

There’s no one-size-fits-all patio solution. The best outdoor furniture set for you and your family will depend on a number of determining factors including the size and layout of your space, the size of your family, your style, lifestyle and, of course, budget.

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for the perfect patio furniture, but don’t worry. Our experts will help you every step of the way.

Before choosing your patio furniture set, you’ll want to consider the following determining factors.

Layout & Size

This one’s important. You want your new patio furniture to fit in your backyard space – and look good with it. Choosing furniture that is proportioned too big or too small is going to leave your outside space looking far from its best. So get the measuring tape out and start planning your space.

We want to look for furniture that’s small enough to allow us space to move around, but large enough to make a visual impact. And make sure the whole family can fir around the table!

How Long You Plan To Stay In Your Property

After choosing the perfect outdoor furniture set for your current backyard, you don’t really want to be moving to a new house a couple of months later. After all, you picked that furniture for your specific space.

If you’re planning to move home, then it might not be the best time to be shopping for outdoor furniture. Perhaps your new garden will be larger or smaller than your current one. Likewise, if you live in a rental property be sure to check with your landlord before making any significant alterations to any indoor or outdoor spaces.

The Climate Where You Live

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing patio furniture. Yes, you have to love how your new furniture looks, but it also has to be practical. Not all materials are well suited to every climate.

So make sure you keep this in mind when shopping for your outside spaces. You don’t want your beautiful new set ruined by weather damage.

Here’s our quick-fire guide to choosing the right materials for your climate:

If you live by the water… Plastic or Treated Wood

If you live somewhere very hot… Avoid Dark Metals

If you experience snow and ice… Invest in Protective Coverings

If it rains a lot… Plastic, Resin & Cast Iron

Your Personal Style Preferences

Of course, it’s super important to pick furniture that you love. Patio furniture comes in a wide range of styles to suit all tastes. Why not create a mood board to get an idea of your favorite trends, colors, and materials.

Whether you’re into boho-chic or smooth-sleek lines, there’s a patio set out there with your name on it. Visit Gary Pools & Leisure in-store at one of our four locations to browse a range of patio furniture styles. Our experts will be happy to walk you through our many options.

How You Spend Your Recreational Time

How do you want to use your outdoor space? What will your patio furniture bring to you and your family?

Think about whether you’re looking for a place to wine and dine, simply relax, or have some fun with the family, then pick the furniture that can give you just that. If you’re into games, for example, check out our range of ECI Game Room Furniture. Perfect for evenings of entertainment.

Your Overall Budget

Last but not least, set out an overall budget. Patio furniture can range in price significantly depending on the specifications, brand, and materials. Before doing anything else, narrow down your search options according to your allocated budget. But remember, cheapest isn’t always best. When it comes to outdoor furniture it’s important to focus on quality and durability.

Why Buying Cheap Patio Furniture Isn’t A Great Idea

It can be very tempting to buy budget patio furniture. But be careful. Many cheap and cheerful options have a sell-by date. Low-quality materials and manufacturing make these products vulnerable to the elements. You’ll be lucky if they last you one season.

Plus, most will not come with a warranty scheme. We’re not telling you to break the bank but investing in good quality pieces is key to longevity. If you want your patio furniture for the long haul, make durability a top priority.

The Best Materials For Durability

When it comes to durability some materials come up trumps. Solid wood patio furniture is incredibly classic, beautiful, and long-lasting. Another great option when it comes to durability is resin wicker. Resin wicker is a composite of synthetic fibers woven together.

This is great for people who love the country-style look of wicker furniture but want something much stronger and weather resistant.

If you’re into that vintage, cottage-style look the wrought iron might just be the material of your dreams. It’s extremely durable and absolutely stunning to look at. If wrought iron is out of your budget, then steel is a fantastic option. It’s affordable, durable, and low maintenance.

Finding Your Aesthetic

If you’re not entirely sure what look you’re going for in your backyard, don’t sweat. Our experts at Gary Pools & Leisure can help you find your ideal aesthetic. For a more rustic look, we can show you a wide range of beautiful solid word pieces.

Or for a minimalist look, we’ll point you in the direction of our super stylish metal pieces and luxurious fire tables.

Trying to find your look? Here’s what you should do.

1. Write Down What You Need

Start with the practicalities. What function is your new patio furniture going to serve?

2. Try Before You Buy

Visit us in-store and try out our range of beautiful patio furniture. Find out what you like firsthand.

3. Pick A Color Scheme

Are you after classic neutrals or a pop of color? Look for furnishings that will enhance your existing space and make your backyard look its best.

4. Consider Durability

Think about your environment. Which materials suit your climate and your lifestyle? If in doubt, ask a member of our expert team in sore or online. We’re always happy to help.

Find Your Dream Patio Furniture With Gary Pools And Leisure

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