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Spring Cleaning Guide For Your Outdoor Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tub – 7 Tips

With the warmer weather finally arriving, many people are beginning their spring cleaning. When it comes to preparing your backyard for the upcoming summer season, there’s one thing you won’t want to miss: your outdoor Jacuzzi®️ hot tub!

After your spa provided you with ample warmth and comfort all winter long, it’s time to give it a much-needed refresh to kickstart the new season, and we’re here to guide you through it!

In this article, we’ll walk you through every step you need to take to spring clean your spa, from refreshing your filters to cleaning your cover.

Let’s dive in!

Why Do You Need to Include Your Spa in Your Spring Cleaning Routine?

Before we answer this, let us ask you one simple question: when was the last time you drained your spa?

Sure, your spa may have provided a soothing retreat on chilly winter evenings, but every time you stepped into its welcoming depths, your water was exposed to new contaminants, whether it be melting snow or lingering detergent on your swimsuit.

Furthermore, each time you add any of your treatment products to your spa, the TSD levels or total dissolved solids in your water increase, which can make your water particularly challenging to maintain the higher they become.

A water change every 3-4 months, depending on usage, helps keep this from happening, ensuring you’re always soaking in the cleanest water possible. After a long winter, it’s likely you’ve hit that quarterly mark.

Outdoor Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tub - Spring Cleaning

Spring Refresh for Your Outdoor Jacuzzi®️ Hot Tub

Without further ado, let’s jump into the seven key steps you’ll want to take this spring.

Step 1: Soak Your Filters

First up is your basic filter care. Maintaining your filters is essential, and while your weekly rinse and monthly cleaning may be enough to keep them in good condition, a deeper clean is necessary every now and then.

We recommend soaking your filters overnight in filter cleaner every 3-4 months alongside your quarterly water change.

This gives the cleaner time to penetrate deeply into the pleats of the filter and lift away any oils and debris you’re unable to reach during your rinses.

How to:

  • Rinse & Inspect: The day before you plan to drain your spa, remove the filter, rinse it off, and give it a thorough inspection. If you spot any signs of damage, like rips, tears, and heavy discoloration, you’ll want to replace it with a new one.
  • Soak: If, however, it looks like it’s in good condition, fill a bucket with filter cleaner and water, carefully following the directions on your product label. Submerge your filter and let it soak overnight (at least 12 hours).
  • Rinse & Reinstall: The next morning, remove the filter from the solution, thoroughly rinse off any lingering cleaner, and reinstall into your outdoor Jacuzzi®️ hot tub.

Step 2: Flush Your Lines

Now that your filters are ready for the new season, it’s time to begin preparing to drain your hot tub.

The very first step will be cleaning out the lines of your circulation system, flushing away any oils and debris that’s clinging to their surfaces.

How To:

  • Add Line Cleaner: Following the instructions on the bottle of your line cleaner, add the appropriate amount based on how many gallons of water is in your spa.
  • Turn on The Jets: To circulate the cleaner through your pipes, run your jets for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, it’s time to move on to step three: draining your spa.

Step 3: Drain Your Spa

Now that the inside of your pipes have been thoroughly cleaned, it’s time to drain all the water out of your spa.

How To:

  • Turn off the power to your hot tub.
  • Remove the access panel and locate the drain valve.
  • Unscrew the drain valve cap and attach your hose.
  • Place the end of your hose in an inconspicuous area where water can properly drain.
  • Open the drain valve and wait.

Pro tip: use a submersible pump to speed up this process.

Here’s a quick video for you to follow along with:

Step 4: Deep Clean The Interior (including the pillows!)

Once all the water has been drained, it’s time to give the interior of your shell a deep clean to clear away any oils and contaminants that may be lingering on the surface.

Warning: Don’t disconnect your drain line yet. After cleaning your shell, you’ll need to thoroughly rinse away any cleaner, ensuring you don’t contaminate your water once you refill it.

How To:

  • Gently clean the shell with a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft brush, sponge, or cloth.
  • Clean around the jets and wipe down pillows.
  • Thoroughly rinse the interior, ensuring any contaminated water is drained from the spa.
  • Disconnect your hose, close the drain valve, and replace the access panel.

Step 5: Clean Your Cover

This step includes both the outside and underside of your hot tub cover. While the topside is constantly exposed to the elements, the underside is surrounded by moisture, which, without proper care, can result in mold and mildew developing.

To clean the outside of your cover, use a cleaner designed for the material of your cover, washing away any dirt or lingering residue from the winter, then dry.

For the underside, Lay your cover upside down on the ground (careful not to place on any jagged debris), and gently wash the underside with hot, soapy water, making sure to get into any tough to reach spots particularly susceptible to mold.

After you’re confident the underside is clean, wipe it down and you’re ready to put it back on your spa.

Note: For the ultimate efficiency, complete this step alongside step seven.

Step 6: Wipe Down The Exterior

Much like your cover, the exterior of your cabinet is likely to have a film covering it from the winter weather.

Cleaning your exterior will help keep your spa in pristine condition year after year, so don’t skip its care.

You can clean your exterior with warm, soapy water and dry it afterward, or you can opt to use a cleaner specifically designed for spa cabinets. The choice is yours.

Step 7: Refill & Rebalance Your Spa

Finally, with your spa completely cleaned and ready for the new season, it’s time to refill it and get ready to enjoy your first soak of the spring!

To make this process even more effective, add a pre-filter hose attachment to your hose. This will filter the water before it enters your spa, giving you an even cleaner starting point.

As you wait for your hot tub to fill, make sure you set a timer on your phone so you don’t forget about it—it’s not a hard mistake to make!

Once it’s filled, test it with your pH test strips and treat it with your alkalinity, pH, and sanitizing products as needed.



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