How To Buy a Billiards Table For Your Game Room

Are you planning to buy a billiards table for your game room, but aren’t exactly sure which things you must take care of before making the investment? No need to look any further because we have everything you could possibly need to know. Billiards tables are available in many different sizes and styles to choose from. Choosing one that will be perfect for your game room can become quite a hassle. But it’s a must if you want to expand the entertainment of your game room.

Things To Consider

Billiards game tables can be found in a variety of sizes, qualities, and brands. Including Olhaussen Billiards Tables, but more on that later. From kiddy tables for your children to learn and play, to the tournament-sized tables for the professionals, there is so much for you to choose from and consider. With size, the quality of the game table may also vary according to their prices. As you increase your budget for the game table, you may be able to buy a table that is stronger and more durable. Chances are, it will look more stylish than the cheaper option too.

But it’s not all about buying the maximum size table you can buy, you must take other factors into consideration as well.

The Perfect Location

The first factor you really need to take into consideration is the location and size of your game room you are planning to put the pool table in. It’s better to avoid putting it in any room where noise is intolerable, such as the bedrooms. But if you intend to use it as a main attraction, it can do wonders for the chosen room, provided there is enough space to play the game freely.

You’re going to have to plan enough space for players to walk around the table, bend down to get the perfect shot, and stretch their pool cue backyards without hitting any furniture or walls. Aim to keep your pool table about three to five feet from any objects or walls.

Size Of The Table

Before choosing the size of the game table, you must know the size of your game room. Using a measuring tape, get the basic dimensions of the room to properly calculate how much available space you have before you actually start shopping.

Billiards tables are in the shape of a rectangle, meaning that the opposite sides have the same width and the perpendicular sides are exactly double the length of those sides. For example, a billiards table that is ten feet in length will be five feet wide. As we mentioned before, you should always leave three to five feet of room all around the table.

Finalizing The Budget

The next step is to finalize your budget.

Regardless if you plan to pay in full or take advantage of available financing, it’s important that you create a set budget. This budget should include the cost of the table, any additional taxes, delivery, and accessories, such as pool cues and balls.

While shopping for your pool table, you should always let the sales associate know the firm budget you are working with. That can help avoid losing valuable time on tables that are far under or over your budget.

Billiards Tables For Sale

When you are ready to buy a billiards table, it just leaves you with the last step to complete. Take a look at our wide selection of high-quality Olhausen billiards tables for sale in Amherst. You can even contact us or visit us at our Gary Pools & Leisure New York showroom for consultation and to purchase your favorite billiards table for your game room.