Make a Splash With a Backyard Swim Spa in NC, USA – 6 Crave-Worthy Benefits!

Have you been considering wading into the world of backyard swim spas but don’t know if it’s the right investment?

Fret not! Swim spas provide a host of coveted benefits, and we’re diving into everything they have to offer in this article.

From exploring the six best benefits these spas can bring into your life to diving into three spectacular models, you’ll find everything you need below to make an informed decision.

6 Reasons You Need a Backyard Swim Spa

There are ample reasons people choose to invest in a backyard swim spa, but there are six that truly stand out as the most significant.

Let’s explore the top six reasons you should consider investing in a swim spa.

Backyard Swim Spa In Winter

1. Year Round Swimming

Enjoying the refreshing waters for a daily swim shouldn’t be confined to a warm summer day. With a backyard swim spa, you can enjoy swimming 365 days a year, with toasty warm water to welcome you even on brisk winter mornings.

With a backyard swim spa, you can wave goodbye to eagerly waiting for temperatures to rise so you can finally open your pool.

2. Saves Time (and money!)

While we’re on the topic of year-round swimming, you can go ahead and cancel that costly gym membership and skip the long drive that takes up valuable time.

Your complete gym is now right in your backyard—all you have to do is step outside!

Not only can your new backyard swim spa save you money on gym memberships, but it can also keep costs to a minimum for swim lessons.

These magnificent spas create the ultimate environment for youngsters learning to swim, providing a completely controllable environment that will grow alongside their strength and confidence.

3. A Fitness Routine That Banishes Boredom

Swim spas may be the perfect place to get your daily dose of cardio, but they can do far more than just that!

These spas can meet your every fitness need, keeping you challenged no matter your choice of activity.

Want to gain strength without the tax on your joints? Grab some water weights or resistance bands and feel the burn as you battle the resistance of the water.

Craving a more laid-back cardio routine but don’t want to brave the icy streets for an afternoon walk? Turn on the current and enjoy a stationary walk before floating back to treat yourself to a post-walk massage!

However you choose to work out, your swim spa can easily meet you stride for stride.

4.  Keeps Kids Active (and outside!)

Let’s face it—getting your kids to step away from the TV and get active outside during winter can be a challenge. With a backyard swim spa, it becomes infinitely easier!

Even on the chillest of winter days, your kids will enjoy spending time outside in an environment that keeps them active.

The fun of swimming mid-winter will have them excited to get outside and enjoy splashing around the steamy waters.

Better yet, invite their friends over for a mid-winter pool party and watch as they spend hours riding the wave while making memories that will last a lifetime.

5. Boosts Family Time

Backyard swim spas aren’t only great for keeping your kids entertained, but also for creating special family moments.

Between work, school, extracurriculars, and homework, it can be challenging to find time to truly connect with your kids in an environment free from demands and distractions.

Swim spas provide the perfect atmosphere to bring your loved ones back together, escaping the endless to-do list and instead focusing wholeheartedly on one another.

This is especially helpful if you have teens and want some time with them without the escape of their cell phones!

6. Therapeutic Relief (appointment free!)

Lastly, but certainly no less important, are the significant health and wellness benefits these spas provide, from combatting stress and relieving pain to improving recovery.

There’s nothing worse than waking up with an aching neck or coming home with a sore back, knowing you have to wait days for an appointment to find relief at the hands of your massage therapist.

Backyard swim spas make it possible to simply step outside, settle into the water and find sweet relief in moments.

No more waiting for expensive appointments or struggling with aches and pains for days on end.

Top Backyard Swim Spas To Complement Your Lifestyle

Now that you’ve dipped your toe into the plethora of benefits these modern pools have to offer, let’s explore three specific models to give you an even better sense of what you can expect to find within their depths.

Backyard Swim Spa - Jacuzzi J-13 Swim Spa

For Those Who Want Maximum Seating: J-13 PowerPlay™️ Swim Spa

If you dream of enjoying your backyard swim spa with your closest friends and family, the J-13 PowerPlay™️ swim spa is surely the one for you.

While this model may be the smallest swim spa offered by Jacuzzi®️, it boasts a spacious interior outfitted with more seats than any other in the collection.

With four corner seats and two bench seats running parallel down the length of the spa, this spa can seat eight adults and provide exceptional hydrotherapy for each person.

Apart from becoming the social scene of the year, this backyard swim spa can also put your home workouts into overdrive. With two Jacuzzi®️ PowerPlay®️ CX Swim Jets, you’ll discover a current perfect for beginners or those looking to enjoy a casual swim.

Along the bottom, your feet will find the plush Soft Stride Mat, keeping you and your loved ones stable no matter how you choose to enjoy the water.

Whether you’re looking for a swim spa to complement your smaller backyard, or want to create a relaxation haven that reflects your social needs, the J-13 PowerPlay™️ swim spa should be at the top of your list.

Backyard Swim Spa - Jacuzzi J-19 Swim Spa

For The Fitness Enthusiast Looking to Push The Limit: J-19 PowerPro™️ Swim Spa

Are you serious about swimming and need a swim spa that can keep up? Look no further than the J-19 PowerPro™️ swim spa!

This 19-foot model boasts a spacious swim area paired with Jacuzzi®️ PowerPro®️ PX Jets and the Aquatic WaveBreaker™️ design, providing a predictable, ultra-smooth swimming experience.

Not only does the design keep reflective waves from coming crashing back toward you, but the swim jets offer ample customization to meet your demands at every turn. Simply choose from preprogrammed workouts using the Swim Selector Control or set your jets to the swim speed of your choice.

Whether you’re a casual swimmer or a long-time triathlete, this swim spa easily meets the challenge.

Apart from the exceptional swim, you’ll find within its waters, the J-19 PowerPro™️ swim spa features the revolutionary FX-IR Seat. Lined with a collection of specialized jets, and twin infrared and red light therapy bulbs, this swim spa provides a therapeutic escape unlike any other.

Backyard Swim Spa - Jacuzzi J-16 Swim Spa

For Those Who Seek Balance: J-16 PowerActive™️ Swim Spa

If you’re looking for a swim spa that offers a challenge but has a smaller footprint, the J-16 PowerActive™️ swim spa is for you.

This 16-foot backyard swim spa is perfect for those with more compact backyards without compromising on the quality of our swim.

The stunning Jacuzzi®️ PowerActive®️ AX Swim Jets provide a wide, smooth current that creates a powerful environment suitable for swimmers of all levels while providing ample resistance for a variety of other workouts.

For your relaxation, this swim spa has the same dual hydrotherapy seats as the model above, the bottom of one featuring the brand’s exclusive IR + Red Light Therapy for an exceptionally therapeutic experience.

With adjustable headrests and a collection of soothing PowerPro®️ jets lining the seats, the J-16 PowerActive™️ swim spa will have you craving a moment of relaxation beneath its crystal clear surface every time you walk into your backyard.

Want to see these spas in action? Watch this short video!

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