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Tuff Spas

We’re thrilled to bring you these ozone friendly spas that take rest and relaxation to the next level! Like its namesake, Tuff Spas are built to last. The durable, worry-free and economical one-piece spa has been dubbed the strongest hot tub on the market, because it can withstand the most extreme climate conditions.

While most portable spas are made with an acrylic surface that can crack and bubble over time, Tuff Spas are made with a non-slip polymer surface that has no layers to crack, chip, peel, bubble or fade. Additionally, the polymer surface eliminates the need for sanding or staining, which is often required with other portable spas. Should your Tuff Spa ever get scratched, it can be repaired in seconds, because the Tuff Spas durability is backed with a lifetime warranty.

Best of all, the cutting-edge Tuff Top Cover also doubles up as shelf or bar, so you can bring the party to the spa. All you need to do, is fill the tub, plug it in, put your feet up and relax. It’s that simple! Why don’t you come and see for yourself? Visit Gary Pools and Leisure at any one of our three New York locations.

TT 150
TT 150 | Tuff Spas

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TT 250
TT 250 | Tuff Spas

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TT 350
TT 350 | Tuff Spas

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TT 450
TT 450 | Tuff Spas

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TT 450 Platinum
TT 450 Platinum | Tuff Spas

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TT 650
TT 650 | Tuff Spas

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TT 650 Platinum
TT 650 Platinum | Tuff Spas

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Tuff Camo Spa
TT 150 | Tuff Spas

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